Friday, January 28, 2011

Resetting ethernet connection on Brother Printers

At work we have an older Brother HL 5170DN that stopped communicating with the network, showed up as Offline and stopped being detected by the BR Admin software. It seemed like the Ethernet (wired) network connection just gave up. I found directions online to reboot the printer (holding the Go button and then releasing when all the LCD flash - or something like that) and I still couldn't get it to work.

Then we purchased a brand new Brother HL 2270DW. I proceeded to unpack it, reset the toner cartridge, plug it into the network and then power it on. When the 2270DW came online again the network connection (Ethernet) wouldn't work - no activity lights. I found the directions for this Brother Printer and to reset it you:

  1. Turn the Machine Off
  2. Hold down Go as you power the Machine On
  3. Keep Go pressed down until all the LEDs light up and the Ready light turns off
  4. Release Go and all the LEDs should turn off
  5. Press Go 6 times!
  6. The 2270DW is now reset!
Once I reset the 2270DW the network card showed activity and it appeared in the BR Admin software. I took a chance and used the same method on the older Brother HL5170 and it reset that machine as well. Awesome.


HP toner expert said...

Excellent tutorial. I used this last month when our ethernet connection got a problem.

Phu Hiep DUONG said...

you saved me! thanks alot

Ozone said...

TG, tried everything, not sure why ethernet keeps blowing out, but this worked great TY :)

Matthys Taljaard said...

This worked perfectly with my Brother 2270DW. Thanks!

Patrick said...

You rock dude! That worked perfectly. Suddenly after a couple years of working fine, my 2270 just disappeared from the network. I even ended up stripping out all my cabling and wires etc, thinking maybe the kitty had chewed it or something. But after following these intructions, it's now back online. Like I said ... You rock dude! Thanks

Chris Kenst said...

Awesome, I'm glad you found it useful!