Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Export iBooks to your PC for reading

As I consider switching from an iPad to a Nexus 7, one of the main things I do on my iPad is read books. I try not to purchase media, like Books and Music, through iTunes because Apple is overly restrictive in terms of DRM and accessibility - why isn't there an iBooks Windows or Mac app? Naturally I want to migrate the books I've purchased to a format I can read on another device. (It's a shame this option isn't provided).

So how do you export iBooks purchases to your PC? It's quite simple:
  1. In iTunes, go to your purchased items
  2. Click Books
  3. Download the books you'd like
The downloaded content will be dropped into the default iTunes folder which for me was Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books; you can then browse your downloaded book(s) and grab the .epub file. If, like me, you are considering moving to a new device you can then use Calibre to change the format from a .epub to a .mobile or PDF. 

Naturally some of the books I've purchased have DRM on them so you'll have to work around that. Personally I find it quite frustrating to spend more than $10 on an ebook only to have it locked into one format so I scoured the net and found a way to remove the DRM from the books I've purchased. If you are interested in doing the same this worked for me.

With my iBooks purchases transferred into .mobi formats I can read them on my desktop, laptop and other mobile devices. 

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