Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creating value by writing

Different perspectives help us model problems and ideas in new and sometimes exciting ways. They can lead  us to new evidence or help to re-engage our thinking about things we've taken for granted. Things like testing software or writing.

Writing isn't easy but I find it helps clarify my thoughts. Unfortunately putting those thoughts out for public scrutiny sometimes has the effect of keeping me from publishing something that is less than perfect. I know it won't be perfect but I drag my heels anyways. It doesn't help that a few of the blogs I follow and admire are written either by PhD's who write at great length and depth or who are just good writers... But I digress.

A new perspective on writing is just what I got from Steve Corona: writing creates value. It switches us from the consumer to the producer of information, information that can be shared with others or used by us years later. Here are the last few paragraphs of his post on Creating Value by Writing: