Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Google "All Access Disabled" Issue

A few days ago I got this weird "AllAccessDisabled" message when trying to access from my MacBook Pro. I couldn't reproduce this weirdness but I feel it was interesting enough to raise as a possible issue (a potential problem).

The message appeared in IE9 after resuming my Windows session (computer was set to sleep). At first I thought it might have something to do with the computer not being on the Internet, as you can see from the screen shot I had to re-select my network location. After selecting Home network I attempted to refresh and I got the same message.

Maybe it was a problem with my browser? I cleared IE's cookies and cache, closed and restarted the browser but the problem didn't go away. I tried accessing from my other browsers, in Chrome 22 and in Firefox 15, but both returned the same All Access Disabled message. Chrome provided a little more information than the other browsers, something about an XML style sheet not found but nothing helpful.

Since I'm on a MacBook I decided to boot into the MacOS X 10.8 and see what happened. I opened Chrome for Mac (I assume the same version 22) but I got the same problem. At this point I was getting a little upset so I didn't bother to check what Safari would do. I booted back into Windows but continued to show All Access Disabled in IE9. I didn't have any additional networks to connect to rule out my connection. I seemed to have ruled out browsers being the problem. 

Maybe the problem was with my Google account? I went to my desktop that had IE9 open on, refreshed and my account seemed fine. When I went back to my laptop and refreshed my browsers all was well. 


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Aaron said...

I wonder if you somehow to tagged as a bot for a while.