Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Google "All Access Disabled" Issue

A few days ago I got this weird "AllAccessDisabled" message when trying to access from my MacBook Pro. I couldn't reproduce this weirdness but I feel it was interesting enough to raise as a possible issue (a potential problem).

Saturday, October 13, 2012

How do you handle regression testing?

Matt Heusser sent the context-driven-testing email group a series of questions about handling regression testing. Specifically he asked:
How do your teams handle regression testing? That is, testing for features /after/ the 'new feature' testing is done. Do you exploratory test the system?  Do you have a standard way to do it? Super-high level mission set?  Session based test management? Do you automate everything and get a green light? Do you have a set of missions, directives, 'test cases', etc that you pass off to a lower-skill/cost group? (or your own group)? Do you run all of those or some risk-adjusted fraction of them?  Do they get old over time? Or something else? I'm curious what your teams are actually doing.  Feel free to reply with /context/ - not just what but why - and how it's working for you. :-)
I thought it was a good line of questioning so I responded to Matt: