Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Impressive 2012 MacBook Pro Refresh

Last year I wrote the 2011 MacBook Pro refresh was a disappointment. Apple updated the graphics, CPU and added the Thunderbolt port but no redesign and no upgrade to an SSD. This year came the changes I was hoping for last year.

I'm not at home often enough to use a desktop which means I need (want) portability with power. Apple's move to a reasonable size solid state drive and 8GB of RAM ensure power. 8GB of RAM is a minimum these days with 16GB a better option. 256GB seems like a reasonable move; I have SSDs in my work and home desktops, both are 128GB and almost full.

The changes I care about: (not in any particular order)
  • No Optical Drive (DVD)
  • Base RAM at 8GB
  • 256GB SSD Hard Drive
  • Decreased the size and weight
  • Updated the screen resolution
  • Increased battery time
I'm sure the most noticeable and impressive thing about the new 15" MacBook Pro is the retina display (I can't say for sure because I've never seen it). Apple's displays have always been the envy of the PC user with their bright colors, glass screens, high resolutions - something PC manufactures never cared to put enough time or effort into. AnandTech has a good review of the Retina display. 

Some of the smartest and most demanding companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook custom build their own server hardware because they can't afford the inefficiencies build into standard equipment. Apparently Apple is following in that direction. Check out the insides of the new 15" MBP:

The photo is from PC World's Review. As you can see the RAM is built directly onto the motherboard as is the Flash for the Solid State Drive. Any upgrades you want should be done when you purchase it. The battery takes up the most space but the fact a reasonable user can get 7+ hours of battery adds while two asymmetrical fans keep the laptop cool when crunching hard numbers.

For full review and benchmark information I'd recommend checking out Engadget's review. It's official I've found my next gadget to lust over. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas?

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Xander Lawson said...

With something that looks like that, I can see why anyone would get a fetish.  Personally, I'd add a few macbook pro sticker decals just to personalize it a little.