Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Impressive 2012 MacBook Pro Refresh

Last year I wrote the 2011 MacBook Pro refresh was a disappointment. Apple updated the graphics, CPU and added the Thunderbolt port but no redesign and no upgrade to an SSD. This year came the changes I was hoping for last year.

I'm not at home often enough to use a desktop which means I need (want) portability with power. Apple's move to a reasonable size solid state drive and 8GB of RAM ensure power. 8GB of RAM is a minimum these days with 16GB a better option. 256GB seems like a reasonable move; I have SSDs in my work and home desktops, both are 128GB and almost full.

Friday, June 1, 2012

AST Membership and Learning Goals

It's official I'm a member of the Association for Software Testing or AST as it's commonly known.

I've been meaning to sign up so I can take the BBST Foundations Course, meet some local (or not so local) context-driven testers, perhaps post on their discussion boards and eventually head to CAST (I'm aware you don't have to join to go).

I've been bouncing around the idea of setting up some type of local tester chapter / meet up place where testers can get together, train with each other, perhaps join in a weekend tester session, learn from each other, etc. The problem is I'm not sure how to go about doing it.

In other news I also signed up for Udacity's Software Testing (CS258) class. I'm not a programmer and it does require Python programming experience so I'm going to focus on getting up to speed before the class. I'm curious as to what they'll teach although the syllabus gives some hint. Units include: