Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bach Brother's Rapid Testing Intensive

When I was at StarWest in October of last year I had the good fortune of running into James Bach at the end of the day. I participated in a Rapid Software Testing class with his partner in crime Michael Bolton the prior day and sneaked into James' Critical Thinking class earlier this day. He was approachable so I asked what books he recommended for aspiring testers (an easy opening), then when he'd be giving another talk on Rapid Software Testing in the US. I told him I liked the videos of his open lecture's (I’ve blogged about them here and here) and somewhere during the discussion he mentioned a plan to setup a rapid software-like testing session near his home in Washington.

That testing session has been announced as the Rapid Testing Intensive taking place from July 23rd at 6:30pm through July 28th at noon on Orcas Island, Washington. I’m continuously trying to convince the company I work for the session is well worth the expense to go in person. There are two options, join in person or join online. I'd prefer physically being there instead of virtually for the easy of communicating and the overall experience.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool

Microsoft’s Web Application Stress tool is a simple, free load generation tool that Microsoft no longer supports or provides the download links to. It seems to still have a small community dedicated to using it and since Windows 7 comes with a virtualized version of XP it could very well be used into the future.

On a few occasions I’ve used it to generate load to test my companies APIs. Its interface is pretty simple, albeit old. There are quite a few sites dedicated to helping users understand it’s functionality which I’ve listed as resources at the bottom page.

I did a quick Google search and found a few sites that had the software which I cite as my original source downloads. I consolidated the tool download with the required DLL (for Windows Vista and higher). The DLL needs to be placed in C:\Windows\System32 before installing the software however I’d recommend if you have Windows 7 you just download Windows Virtual PC and the Windows XP mode and run it naturally from there.