Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Setup Transactional Replication on SQL Server 2008

Recently I've been testing server-side, mainly database stuff and have become familiar with replication on SQL Server 2008.

In the process I created a Google spreadsheet on how to setup Transactional Replication that I wanted to share. Here's the document: Transactional DB Replication Setup (Public)

As I state in the beginning: Instructions can only tell you how to set something up, not why to set it up. Explanations as to why I set something up a certain way are outside the scope of this document. Therefore this probably won't help those just starting out. Perhaps it will serve as a reference for those who want to learn more.

Comments are allowed in the document. You can also post comments here.


Dawgpwnd said...

Great step by step instructions on installing and configuring SQL Server 2008 transactional replication. If we found mistakes just leave comments, right?

Dawgpwnd said...

Plus this site doesnt make you pay to view the steps.