Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Watch Videos (YouTube, Hulu, Amazon) on your Xbox 360

For years Xbox 360 users with a Gold Xbox Live membership and a subscription to Netflix could stream movies to their TV. But what about streaming from Amazon, Hulu and YouTube? If you just want Amazon they have a work around that will allow you to stream from your PC to your Xbox here.

What if you want to watch YouTube videos and free movies? How about Hulu, not Hulu Plus, which has many of your favorite shows?

The workaround I have in place requires the purchase of a software program called PlayOn (available for a monthly or flat charge) and a machine dedicated to streaming (I use my Windows Home Server). If you are going to do this I'd recommend purchasing the one-time PlayOn price for $79.99 (or at the time of this posting on sale for $49.99).

Simply download and install PlayOn on a separate machine, launch the software, sign into all of your accounts like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and YouTube and then set the server software online. On your Xbox 360 browse the available Media Players (streaming) and you'll find the PlayOn server. The Xbox can make it a little hard to navigate since everything is organized by folders. So you'll have to browse to the YouTube or Hulu folders, select the genre, or type of video, etc. and drill down until you find exactly what you're looking for. For this reason I create specific playlists on YouTube.

The best part of PlayOn is that you don't have to sign up for Hulu Plus to watch Hulu episodes and movies on the TV. Even if you sign up for Hulu Plus when you want to watch most episodes on a TV you can't due to licensing restrictions. PlayOn streams from your PC so all those free episodes are now on the big screen! Hope this helps.


Comedy said...

The newest updates to the 360 dashboard have YouTube integrated. You can sign into your account and watch directly from your Xbox 360. Hopefully Microsoft will also add Amazon, Hulu and others. Maybe even allow people to customize their Dashboard online for easier access!

wm said...

this serial v nice i like it

Chris Kenst said...

That's right. Looks like YouTube is integrated into the Xbox Dashboard as is HBO GO and Netflix. Finally options for streaming movies!