Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Read mTF using Google Currents

Reading My Technology Fetish or any blog just got a little more fun with Google Currents, the new "reader" appl from Google that works on any iPhone, iPad or Android device. Simply
subscribe to My Technology Fetish through Google Reader, then click the Add More button on your Current Library and within a few minutes you've got us or any blog displayed in a nice newspaper-like format.

I've already Search N Recovery as well as a few other news sources into my library:

Google is stepping up their content game this time coming out with a full blown iPad application instead of linking directly to the web. (Makes me wonder if this is a full blown native app or an HTML5 product?) The layout of the articles through Currents is done automatically (randomly?) and arranged in a newspaper-like format for easy viewing with paging left to right.

The app isn't bug-free yet. I added My Technology Fetish to the library but it never appeared and then wouldn't let me remove it to add it again. Big improvement over the current RSS / reader applications for the iPhone and iPad. Bravo Google.

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