Friday, October 28, 2011

Steve Jobs and the 60 minutes interview

In preparation for his new biography entitled Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Isaacson went on 60 minutes to discuss Steve Jobs and his life leading up to his death.

The interview is broken into 2 parts and I highly recommend watching (may take some time to load):

Part 1:

Part 2:

There are also some good follow up videos on Steve Jobs talking about various competitors and successful tech companies:

I'm interested in reading the Isaacson book because it personalizes the man whom we know very little about. If you're like me you use his products every day: I have an iPhone 4 and am typing this blog post on my iPad 2 with the Apple bluetooth keyboard. I'm also a former owner of a MacBook Air.

In the interview Jobs comes off as someone who is a visionary but also had a distorted view of reality. He's described as being a terrible (micro) manager, cold to his employees, a rebel and surprisingly not very technical. Yet he had the drive and an eye for designs that combined technical aspects with the human touch, something the follow up video talks more about. The interview describes his distortion of reality as being his greatest success and his greatest failure in that Jobs thought he could overcome his cancer the way he overcame other barriers: by ignoring or find alternate solutions. This time it didn't work.

For me Steve's biography is more than just a peek into his past, present and possibly a hint at what he would have done in the future, it's about his drive. Often times I feel like I should be that rebel who doesn't want to work for someone else, who wants to build a real product and try and sell it. Maybe it's real or fantasy, I don't know but when I see Jobs life it becomes inspiration. Then again that's the point, I mean who sells books to depress people?

The 60 minutes interview is good. Hopefully the book will be great.

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