Thursday, September 1, 2011

Needle Free Injections

Needle Free Injections are the type of medical technology that the U.S. should be developing. It may sound a little reminiscent of Star Trek and their hypospray but it's real:

I've heard various rumors about needle-free syringes being around for years but haven't seen any substantial proof. Talking with a few nurse friends didn't help either as they'd never heard of the invention. Looks like there are a few companies working on the technology.

Another company called J-Tip explains how needle-free injections work:

"Injection by J-Tip disperses medication in a spray like pattern into the sub-Q tissue. Rate of absorption is relatively faster due to increased fluid surface area."

Looks like there is a similar product called a Jet Injector that has been around for years, although it looks more like a gun than a needle.

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