Friday, July 15, 2011

2012 International CES free registration

For those of you wanting to check out the International Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2012 now is your chance to sign up for free. Just go here to register. If you register before August 31st you can avoid paying money to get in.

I went to CES 2011 (last year) which occurs yearly at the Las Vegas Convention Center and I had a last walking around checking out the latest gear / advancements the world had to offer. CES offers a wide range of technologies from computers, monitors, to tablets, to 3D TVs, cars, connected homes, charging stations and pretty much every else in between.


Louis said...

I wish I was there on that event. It could have helped me in a lot of ways. Please let us know when the next event will be. Thanks.

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Joshua Conwell said...

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business consultants said...

I am a tech addict and fan boy. I wish I could attend the next International CES event as I am planning to put up a small electronic business.