Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unstable-ness of Chrome OS

The more I use Google's Chromebook the more I realize how unstable Chrome OS is.

I’m one of the recipients of Google’s CR48 Pilot program which was their Beta program, so the hardware I’m using isn’t the same as what's for sale today. Before I bash the OS I’d like to say the unstable-ness of the Chrome OS could be the result of the low hardware capabilities aka not enough processing power and/or memory.

For a completely browser based operating system, Chrome OS suffers from a lot of web page failures. On a given day pages fail to load many of times and I receive one of the humorous error messages "Aw, Snap!" or "He's Dead, Jim!" maybe five times. I run my Chromebook like I do my desktop browsers: two browser windows open and at least 5 tabs on each. It’s a little different on the Chromebook since you only have one viewable screen but the laptop design makes it extremely easy to bounce back and forth. Web pages with embedded media seem to have the hardest time.

The bottom line is, as this point, Chrome OS isn’t a very stable product (I'm running Chrome OS 433.216 (Official Build) beta-channel x86-mario). How can you have pages crash five times a day? Having said that Google does update the OS on a weekly basis and they stay true to their model of fail early and fail often. It will probably be less than a year before Chrome OS is more stable but for the time being it’s annoying. If I had paid $500 for one of the new Chromebooks and had this problem I’d be upset when I could have purchased a tablet for the same price and gotten a better experience.

I’m interested to know if Chrome OS works better on one of the new Chromebooks because of the differences in hardware; I'm just not interested enough to buy one. These machines aren't mainstream ready yet.


Dave C said...

I have been using the $500 Samsung Chromebook as my primary computer since they came out and I don't have 5 crashes a day, but I do have 1-3 a day... so I'd still call that unstable.

Chris Kenst said...

I got annoyed with the unstableness and have stopped using it. Aside from the unstableness, how do you like it?