Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Google+ Hype

Yesterday Google unveiled their new social networking "extension" that's still in alpha (or as they say "field testing") called Google+. I took the chance to sign up for it here.

As my coworker pointed out to me earlier there has been a lot of hype over this new social network in the media but very little skepticism. Do people hate facebook that much or do they just enjoy someone taking stabs at them? News Corp. just sold Myspace for $30 million as MSNBC reports which spells the end for the closest social competitor. I guess people are applauding the entry of a new competitor?

xkcd sums it up nicely:

Then again maybe media firms don't want to piss off Google? Can you say a drop in PageRank? - Oops I guess I'm screwed.

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