Monday, June 6, 2011

Apple Updates and Star Wars Kinect

Today at the WWDC, Apple unveiled iOS 5 with two hundred or so improvements to it's mobile operating system: an improved Camera, better notifications and my favorite: the ability to go PC-Free. I haven't sync'd my iPhone 4 to a computer in 6+months; the only reason to do so is to sync music and backup the device. Now all that has changed.

Apple announced iOS 5 will support software updates (the deltas) for future OS updates over WiFi. With Apple's iCloud service calendar syncs and device backups will be free as long as they don't exceed 5GB (the exact details are unknown). Moreover, with the release of the iCloud + iTunes Match for $25/year users who haven't purchased their music through iTunes can have iTunes scan their music collection and unlock a "digital locker" for one small price. This means access to our entire music collection online for a flat rate without uploading songs. (Although I must admit I'm liking Google Music and it's nice not having to use iTunes).

Today at E3 Microsoft announced a Star Wars Game for the Kinect. Soon users will be able to use a lightsaber:

I'm curious as to how limited the game play / movements will be with the virtual lightsaver. Regardless the release of more big action games Kinect capable is good for Microsoft.

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