Sunday, May 29, 2011

Top Software Testing Books

Is there such a thing as "the" top 10 or 20 Software Testing Books? The type of books that if you were to major in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems with a minor or emphasis in software testing (or software quality assurance) you would be required or recommended to read? These could be anything from practical how-to's to the understanding of software testing's evolution into a modern day field.

A quick search of Amazon Books > Computers & Internet > Software for the term "testing" turns up some 450 results. If you organize those results by bestselling Lessons Learned in Software Testing and Testing Computer Software both by Cem Kaner, et. al. appear on the first page towards the bottom. But why are they the best selling? If you search by relevance you get many more books and those two I mentioned previously come up towards the top. Again why? Perhaps Amazon needs to add a separate category for software testing?

The reason for asking is simple: If you want to get better at something you try and learn as much about the topic as you can. Maybe I should do like other people online and just publish my own?

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