Thursday, April 21, 2011

uTest + Mozilla = New Test Case Management System

Looks like uTest will be partnering up with Mozilla to build a new test case management system. uTest will host a version for their use which will support distribution of test cases, something most Test Case Management Systems lack. Mozilla will release the software as open source, which means testers should be able to get it installed and running - assuming it's not a pain to install. It is unclear from the article if anyone will be providing a SaaS option for those small to mid-sized companies that don't want to deal with it themselves.

My hope is that someone, Mozilla or otherwise (me?), sets up a test case exchange of some sort so it's easier to build and exchange test cases or smaller test case pieces. The problem with most existing test case management systems is once you spend all this time building out your test cases, you execute them once or twice and that's it. Most of the effort is then lost because re-usability is limited.

An open source system does present a lot of possibilities including new and exciting tool development. Hopefully it also doesn't mean no support for Windows. =)

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