Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Revenue and New Site Design

I subscribe to a blog called The Startup Foundry which talks about everything startup-wise. In one of their posts they mention the site 99designs and how they are an easy way for startups to get nice website / blog designs on the cheap.

After looking around on their site I think I could get a custom Blogger template (they list Wordpress templates for about $495 and I figure Blogger would be similar). Through 99designs I’d get several dozen offers or mockups and from those multiple offers I could choose the best. Plus I could probably get a pretty cool My Technology Fetish logo designed – something I’ve always wanted as well.

Now I just need to generate some more revenue from this site – Google Ads to pay for it. Last year I got my first AdSense check from Google for $102.27 so hopefully this year I make enough to reinvest in the site design.

What do people think? Any suggestions?

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