Friday, April 1, 2011

ACPI\ MAT0021 Driver

I was installing Windows 7 on a Panasonic CF-F8 laptop computer when I had a missing driver with a hardware id of "ACPI\MAT0021". Turns out it's the Panasonic Misc Driver.
  1. To install go to: 
  2. Scroll down to Operating Systems and Others
  3. Download the Pansonic Misc Driver (at this time it is ver. 1.2.1100.0)
  4. Once it's downloaded, run the file and the drivers will be placed in C:\util2\drivers\newmisc
  5. Go to Hardware Manager, choose to manually update the drivers and give it the path listed in the previous step
  6. Driver installs correctly!
This should work with Vista as well. If this helped you out please let me know!


crashclinic said...

THANK YOU for posting this! Very helpful.
Couldn't find a link to the driver download page anywhere! you're a lifesaver.

Chris Kenst said...

Glad it helped.

Helpneeded said...

I also have the same missing driver after installed Win7 32bit, but my laptop is Panasonic CF-S9. Can you help me where to find its drivers? Thank you for your help.

Chris Kenst said...

Did these directions work for you as well? If not, can you explain what happened?