Monday, February 14, 2011

SSD Life on Macbook Air 128GB SSD

Update 2/18/2011:
SSD Life responded to my email and I've posted an update here.

Original Post:

SSD life is a Windows based tool that helps users monitor the health of their Solid State drives. Most Solid State drives have a certain number of writes they can perform before the drive itself is finished. This is pretty typical for flash drives and depending on the drive and manufacturer is around 10,000 writes. Therefore statistics about the drive's health is more important for solid state drive owners.

Knowing this I decided to run the lastest version (1.2.17) on my Macbook Air which has a 128GB SSD (VAM0BA1Q). Note: this is the first generation Macbook Air. Here's what I found:

Looks like the drive used by Apple doesn't supply health information, at least not the type that SSD life can read. Damn! Looks like I'm back to guessing or wait until they can provide an update to the program that can read whatever usage information the drive is sending.

As you can see from the warning I'm being asked to submit the log file to SSD life. I did and who knows maybe down the road they will support this drive.

In the meantime all I can see is that I've got about 1900 hours on the drive and my machine has been powered on about 2100 times. Not exactly the information I was looking for. I also knew that TRIM was unsupported.


Fbpetito said...

Hello! I have a MacBook Air 2011 too with samsung ssd and I discovered this aspect concerning sad life duration recently, who did you succeed in using SSDLife tool inside Mac Os X (Parallels?)?
thanks in advance and thanks for your post!

Chris Kenst said...

I always used Bootcamp for Windows on my MacBook. Very few problems that way.