Friday, February 18, 2011

SSD Life on Macbook Air 128GB SSD Part 2

I recently posted about running SSD Life 1.2.17 on my Macbook Air (the first model) and how it was unable to calculate the health of my SSD:

No that it matters but I didn't realize I downloaded the Pro version instead of the free version. The website doesn't do a very good job of pointing out the differences, after all if you click the download tab / link at the top of the site you automatically get the Pro version.

Anyways I sent in my data log and today SSD Life responded to my problem by sending me a beta version of SSD Life Free (version 1.3.19) and asked me to run it.

Here's the result:

My Macbook Air which has a 128GB SSD (firmware: VAM0BA1Q) was recognized and now I can see the health of my SSD drive is at 97% - considered Excellent by the product. Only time will tell whether this beta version will be able to calculate how long my drive will last.

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