Saturday, February 12, 2011

Google Chrome Pilot Users Google Group

About 30 minutes ago I was berated (as were a number of people) with about 50 + emails from a new Google Group created for Chrome Notebook Pilot users. Apparently someone got the idea that it would be great if Pilot users could share their experiences with each other. While there is some truth to this and I do look forward to seeing how others are using the Chrome Notebook, the fact that everyone was opted in to receive emails every time a user posted something was not a great way to start.

Thanks to the person who spammed everyone.

Updated 2/14/2011:

About a day after this happened Google sent an apology email out. They also created a new Chrome Notebook Pilot Google Group that is opt in. Good idea.


mrmechko said...

HOW DO YOU UNSUBSCRIBE FROM IT!!!! 250 emails and counting!

Anonymous said...

I am getting these too (~250 so far), and unsubscribe link does not work.

Anonymous said...

You could set up a filter/rule for fire control and then when you have the time, go to the group -> edit membership, stop receiving emails.

Chris Kenst said...

Go to the Google Groups page and set your preferences to never email you.