Monday, January 3, 2011

Hiding the Blogger NavBar

If you don't like Google's toolbar at the top of your blog, also called the NavBar, you can hide, disable or remove it manually by editing the HTML of your blog theme / template. Blogger used to give you the option to remove the NavBar easily but got rid of that option years go. To disable / remove it:

Using the new layout:
  1. Go to the Template page
  2. Click "Edit HTML"
  3. At the warning message click "Proceed"
  4. Search for the "body {" tag 
    1. Note: You may find several matches
  5. It will be located under template-skin area
  6. Copy and paste:

  7. #navbar { height: 0px; visibility: hidden; display: none; }
  8. Save your changes


HP Q6470 toner expert said...

It is my first time to learn that the Blogger Nav Bar can be removed. Thanks.

Chris Kenst said...

Depending on the type of template and layout you have you might have to change the location of this text.

Chris Kenst said...

If you want to hide, remove or disable the "Powered by Blogger" footer from the blog you can use the Template Designer. Go to Advanced\Add CSS and put this in: