Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 International CES Photos and Videos

I've posted photos taken via my iPhone 4, so I apologize if some are blurry, on Flickr.

I've also posted a few videos on YouTube:

This first video is me playing with the new Blackberry Playbook tablet at the Blackberry booth. I was surprised how quick and seamless the tablet seemed to perform with it's QNX operating system. It was bolted down so I couldn't really handle it much but it had two nice cameras (one on the front for video chats and another on the back) and it supports a more Windows 7 like multi-tasking interface.

The Playbook uses a web-kit based web browser and so I decided to run a HTML 5 test I found using Google. The browser seemed to score well and as the video shows it supports tabbed browsing. Yay!

These next two videos are from a demonstration from Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd did. Murata is a large diversified manufacturer so in order to give consumers an idea of what it does, it built these two robots to show off.

Here is Murata Boy:

Here is Murata Girl:

At the very end of the first segment you might notice Murata Girl starts to fall. I wish I had kept recording because she falls head first into the ground which forces the demonstrators take a few minutes to reassemble her head. Good times.

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