Thursday, December 30, 2010

Google Test Analytics

I just watched this video from Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) where Dr. James Whittaker (a Engineering Directory from Google) talks about / shows screen shots of a new tool called Google Test Analytics. In the actual screen shots the program is called Testify but it looks almost like a test coverage tool but in describing it he calls it a testing planning tool. A tool that contains and maintains all the important information that should be included in a test plan without being a test plan.

Dr. Whittaker talks about investing in early cycle testing and how this new program can help identify all the capabilities, components and attributes of a specific target. The goal (as he alludes to) is to create something that is entirely reusable and isn't, like most test plans today, throw away.

Check out the video here:

To see the screen shots of (I'm assuming it's a prototype) of Google Test Analytics or Testify check out the slides here. The screen shots start on slide 27. Slide 32 and beyond show some of the views a user can take to identify the different elements defined.

All I can say is hopefully this becomes a free (or cheap) application available soon!

It's also worth noting and/or viewing that Dr. Whittaker and his team at Google appear to have created a "heads-up display". He demos/ shows screen shots from GTAC 2010 and it looks pretty cool. The HUD pulls all existing bugs from the related app you are testing so its easy to find if a bug has already been issued, etc. Very cool tool as well.


Chris Kenst said...

Based on James Whittaker's comments in this post: it looks like Google Test Analytics or gTA is already available. Google is in the process of testing it before they roll it out to the public. Very exciting!

sebs said...

Hi Chris,

We released Google Test Analytics as an open source project! You can check it out here:


Chris Kenst said...

Thanks Sebs.

Chris Kenst said...

If you are interested you can look at the live version of Google Test Analytics here: