Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chrome OS Pilot Program

Today I signed up for Google's Chrome OS Pilot Program hoping to be one of the few testers that gets a "Cr-48" Chrome Notebook. After filling out the form online (took about 15 minutes) and skipping the option to create a video pleading my case, I can say I probably won't get one.

I signed up under business use because technically, as a software tester, I'm not a developer. (Maybe I should have chosen individual?) However I pleaded the case that as a tester for a small software company I'd be using the laptop everyday for a number of web applications that we use internally and externally and that as a software tester I have a unique ability to make things go boom! By that I mean crash. Plus I basically live on the web. (I'm at home right now, done with work and I'm writing a blog post. Ha!).

Now is it just me or is it a little discriminatory to Software Testers (like me) that we weren't included on the list of users? I mean you've got Business, Education, Non-Profit, Individuals and Developers but no Testers!

To sign up for yourself go here.


Chris Kenst said...

I received an email earlier today from a Googler saying that due to the high number of requests and problems with finding my original submission that I would need to submit a new request form. I did so tonight and hopefully (although probably not likely) I'll be able to test the shit out of a Chrome Notebook soon.

Chris Kenst said...

Well I got the laptop. I'm in the process of test driving it and will hopefully soon have some interesting things (maybe bugs?) to say about it.