Friday, November 19, 2010

A cool electric car

In a perfect world (or at least later in my life) I’d like to think I’ll own a few vehicles: a sports car, an SUV, a motorcycle and an electric car. (Maybe I should shoot for an electric sports car!?!) I just don’t think I’d want to own an electric car of today.

When I think of an electric car I think of a vehicle that is the very definition of high tech. It has full navigation / entertainment system that blends perfectly with the computer dashboard which provides countless performance statistics and diagnostic information about my vehicle. The vehicle syncs with all my mobile devices, takes voice commands, gets great gas mileage, hopefully it can drive itself (ok, maybe not), comes in countless variations and is stylish. Not $100k Tesla sports car stylish. But not Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt or Toyota Prius boring. Also nothing against the Prius, its just a boring car.

As an end consumer I wouldn’t really care if the electric car is a plug in, a full electric or a regular hybrid as long as it offers the things above. I probably wouldn’t be buying it because it gets 100 MPH since I don’t drive for work although it would be nice not to have to fill up twice on a round trip from LA to Vegas.
The only affordable and cool electric car I’ve seen (in print or real life) is one that doesn’t exist and probably won’t. The Cadillac Converj offered, in my opinion, something all other electrics have yet to offer (again except for maybe the Tesla) and that is an appealing shell.

True it didn’t have any / all of the requirements I listed above and would most likely have come out a lot different looking as it was put into production but it would have been a step in the right direction.

Just imagine a stylish, affordable, cool electric car - in the future. Perhaps by the time a cool, stylish, affordable electric car comes around it will be able to drive itself and our highways will look something like a blend of Minority Report and iRobot.


Chris Kenst said...

I'm not saying a Prius isn't functional just that the design is boring. They aren't winning any awards on style. I think the Prius has been around for 10 years and their outward appearance hasn't changed much. That may also be a consequence of the design technology. The original Chevy Volt looked like a new Camaro but now looks more like a Prius.

Chris Kenst said...

I need to fix this image. Woops