Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Memory for a Dell PowerEdge 860 Server and Precision T3400 Workstation

I've been shopping for memory for a Dell PowerEdge 860 rackmount server and for a Dell Precision T3400 workstation. The specs aren't 100% clear on what type of memory it uses so here it is:

  • For the PowerEdge 860 it can take either PC2-5300 or PC2-6400 ECC (error code correcting) unbuffered, unregistered 667MHz 240-pin modules. The maximum these machines can handle is 8GB or 2GB for each of the 4 slots. The memory must be installed in pairs of modules. 
  • For the Precision T3400 workstation it can take the same as the PowerEdge 860 or even PC2-8500 modules. I believe the maximum memory allowed is 16GB on these machines.
The good news is if you have PC2-5300 they should be compatible across both machines. Unless you've turned off ECC for the T3400.

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