Thursday, October 7, 2010

MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air 128 SSD Benchmarks

I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro (MBP) with a 128 GB SSD drive and given my desire to benchmark SSD performance in my MacBook Air (found here, here and here) I've decided to do the same with the MacBook Pro. 

I ran AD SSD Benchmark on the brand new MBP and here are the results:

As you can see the sequential read speed was 196.19 MB/s and the sequential writes were 159.83 MB/s. (I wish I knew the manufacturer specified read and write speeds as a comparison.) I won't know the performance decreases until the machine has been in use for a number of months so I'll have to re run the tests in six months or so and post those results.

Until then here are the specs for the MacBook Pro:
  • 15 inch MacBook Pro
  • 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 4GB Memory
  • 128 GB SSD model number AGAA0206 (manufacturer is probably Samsung)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Graphics card with 256MB memory
You can compare* the above benchmarks to my MBA's drives sequential read speed of 90.98 MB/s and read speed of 29.00 MB/s.

*These numbers are actually not quite comparable because:  
  1. The MBA is a used drive, which means most of the performance degradation has already occurred while the MBP is still brand new and as fast as it will ever be.
  2. The MBA is tiny and so the drive inside is only a 1.4" form factor compared to the 2.0" form factor for the MBP. I'm not sure how this affects the drive but again not directly comparable.
Also here are some numbers from running the new SSD drive in Windows 7:
  1. Cold Boot Time was about 58.9 seconds
  2. Shutdown Time was about 10.2 seconds
  3. Time Launching Apps:
    1. Firefox was about 1.5 seconds
    2. IE was about 1.2 seconds
    3. Visual Studio 2008 (no solution opened) was about 0.9 seconds 
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