Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MacBook Air Year One

I took my MacBook Air (MBA) into the Apple store yesterday because the screws in the casing appear to be stripped. I was a little surprised when they told me the warranty would expire in one day. It took a minute but it's still a little hard to believe I've already had it for a year.

While I reflect on that year of use I can't help but think of the problems I've encountered with it:
  1. Initially I had a problem with bootcamp that the "Geniuses" at Apple couldn't solve
  2. Then I had a malfunctioning fan that made a strange noise
  3. Now the screws are stripping out of the case.
These issues really haven't been that bad, more of a hassle than anything else. Yet I can't help but wonder what will the next year bring? Do I want to drop an extra $200 to extend the warranty for the next two years? Or just suck it up?

Regardless of how long it takes to repair I'm going to have to survive the next few weeks without a laptop. Maybe if I can't make it that long I really don't need a laptop anymore..? In fact maybe I can replace it with an iPad like I discussed a few days ago. After all I can just write my blog posts on my iPhone like I'm doing right now!

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