Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make a book of your blog

This was kind of random but I just came across a Google Ad for a company called Blog2Print. The idea is really simple, you can get a nice printed copy of your blog posts for sharing with friends / family / whoever. I guess that makes a lot of sense if you have a great photo journalism blog or for an field export or maybe even a blog following your baby's first few years. For most of us it's just a little self indulgent. (No wonder why I like it!).

It kind of remind's me of a book my coworker recently read called Rework in which he said was mostly just blog posts (some unpublished) tied into a book. Imagine that? You could use Blog2Print to combine a bunch of your most popular / interesting posts into a digital book (they offer PDF formats) and then use Amazon's Vanity Press label to publish your book to the growing e-Book market.

I can see it now, an entire book shelf covered in books "authored" by me!

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