Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IE9 Public Beta out today

I just finished downloading and installing the Internet Explorer 9 Beta on my Macbook Air (I run Windows 7 of course) and will probably be playing with it for the next year before the full release (or next beta comes out).

Ars Techncia reviewed the latest IE Beta and includes a bit of a background on Microsoft and IE's development efforts from the early days to now. The article is pretty kind to Microsoft and the IE 9 beta but it's worth a read.

Some of the things I've noticed (both good and bad):
  1. Page and History loading can be slow and sometimes shows blank pages.
  2. I like the simplfied UI. The less "chrome" the better.
  3. The combined URL / Tabs location sucks. You are forced to do with less of both. It would be great if they could put the tabs at the Top of the Window like Chrome does.
  4. Still no saving tabs when the browser is closed!
  5. Much much faster than IE8.
  6. Hopefully the next beta release and/or final release will be out in less than a year. Unlike IE8 which took more than a year to be released after the first beta.

As a software tester and technophile I find it fun to play with new software and so I want the newest version of IE soon. At the same time it's good when companies take some time develop new products because it gives companies like mine time to prepare.

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