Friday, September 24, 2010

1st Google AdSense Check

It's official. About three weeks ago I got my first check from Google AdSense for $102.27 for ads here on My Technology Fetish and my old site Ultimate Ultra Mobile PC blog.

Honestly there is no reason for this posting other than to say 1. Thank you - if not for all the visitors clicking on the ads, I wouldn't be able to almost afford a new Wifi only Kindle. 2. Damn that long time! I've had one blog or another up since 2008 on various topics and it took at least two years before I reached the threshold for Google to send me a check. (AdSense limits check payments to $100).

I really see this as an experiment. Does advertising make a difference to you as a reader? One of my blogs (the young and growing Search N Recovery scuba site) doesn't have ads yet and I'm not sure if it will. Introducing ads down the line may happen for experimental purposes to see if bounce rates or average time on site drops. For a site owner its quite easy place advertisements thanks to Google. If it doesn't affect traffic, what do you have to loose?

As a web surfer, I believe as long as the ads aren't obtrusive to the site visitor and they don't ruin the site (in terms of layout, functionality, etc.) then they don't bother me. I guess only time will tell.

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