Friday, August 27, 2010

Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything

I thought Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything was a good article from

Here's a summary:

1. Pursue what you love.
2. Do the hardest work first.
3. Practice intensely, without interruption for no longer than 90 minutes.
4. Seek expert feedback, in intermittent doses.
5. Take regular renewal breaks.
6. Ritualize practice.

I think I need to work on quite a few of these. #3 requires the most work while #4 means you need someone else to help. If I want to become an expert at testing or create a successful company all are going to be important.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Map network drives to Widows 7 automatically

Whenever a user is created on Windows Home Server a user directory is simultaneously created for storing that persons data. I felt like I had been under utilizing my directory and the global "Photos" directory so I decided to setup a few network maps on my laptop and desktop.

This is how I setup my network maps automatically when I log into Windows. It was taken from my previous post on Online Backups for Windows Home Server.

  1. Open your C: drive (or where ever else you'd like to create the batch file).
  2. Create a new batch file and call it whatever you like. I went with "mount.bat". You can do this quickly by creating a text file and then changing the extension from .txt to .bat, assuming you have the option switched to see extensions.
  3. Edit the batch file and add the following code:

echo %date% %time% : "%cd%\mount.bat" >> c:\mount.log

timeout /t 10

echo "Mounting K with \\servername\directoryname" >> c:\mount\mount.log

net use K: \\servername\directoryname /USER:servername\username password /persistent:no >> c:\mount.log 2>&1 2>&1

  1. You'll want to edit the "echo" and "net use" lines so that they match your server name, directory name and administrator's user name. This is where you specify the exact location of the drives you want to mount.
  2. Then you'll want to change "password" to the actual password for you administrator user.
  3. Copy and paste the "echo" line as many times as you'd like to mount as many drives as you'd like. Just remember to repeat the previous steps for each of the lines otherwise you'll be mounting the same drive over and over again!
  4. Save and close your mount.bat file.
  5. Create a task in Windows Scheduler (found in C:\Windows\Tasks) to run your new mount.bat file when the computer starts.
  6. Double click on Add Scheduled Task
  7. Click next and browse to your mount.bat file and open it
  8. You can keep the default name of the schedule but set it to run "When my computer starts" and click next.
  9. Click OK or Apply and when you restart your computer all your drives will be mounted.

That's all there is to it. Now when you log on to your computer you will have a small DOS window pop up and mount your drives. Feel free to change the /t 10 to any amount of time you would like. The lower the value the quicker the DOS window will disappear.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Old Firefox releases

A coworker of mine pointed this out and as a software tester it's good to have access to older Firefox releases:
  1. Old Firefox Release README file
  2. Old Firefox Releases - FTP directory
Note: Mozilla makes a point to mention previous releases contain known vulnerabilities. Also this links directly to the Mozilla Firefox release FTP directory where you can find old and new releases that have been uploaded.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Text Editor: Bend

There is a new text editor for Windows called Bend that uses the MetroUI interface(think Zune Marketplace).

Check out the Lifehacker article on it

Updated: 8/18/2010:

Looks like the Bend Beta which was available a few days ago, no longer is. Hopefully they will have a new beta soon!

Website dedicated to Life size Star Wars Characters

I have to admit I've always wanted a life size Boba Fett or Strom Trooper; I'm just not sure I'm willing to put down the money required. Anyways it looks like there is a website dedicated to collecting life size Star Wars characters (of course) and so I thought I'd share it:

You can look at this persons entire collection of characters or you can view them one by one with pictures and videos. Pretty cool. Note: this is an old website.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jailbreakme unlocks your iPhone and iPad

JailbreakMe 2.0 when run from your iPhone or iPad allows quick and easy jailbreaking. Jailbreakme uses an exploit in Safari to run the jail break code (which means it's unlikely to work forever - at least until the next update). Lately there have been quite a few articles floating around about how easy this specific jailbreak works and some of the downsides like in Cydia there are no applications that take advantage of the Retina display on the iPhone 4.

In my post The Case for an iPad I toyed with the notion of jailbreaking an iPad to release more functionality like installing other browsers (Firefox and Chrome), using flash, etc. and although I don't have one to try it on, I think this is a step in the right direction.