Monday, July 26, 2010

Creating your own Kindle Book

I recently read the Dr. Dobbs Journal article "Technical Writing for the Kindle" by Al Stevens and I thought it was quite informative.

Part of the article discusses how traditional publishing works and the advantages of using Amazon to self-publish a book. Al discusses the pros and cons of publishing your own book which consists of doing all the writing, editing, formatting, proofing, etc. yourself versus having professional help from a traditional publisher. Self-publishers also loose the might of a traditional publishers marketing knowledge and budget.

In essence publishing your own Amazon eBook for the Kindle is like working with a "vanity press" - publishing for the reason of saying you have a published book. (Sounds good to me!)

The most helpful / informative part of the article is from the 2nd page on where Al gives you advice on how to create your own book including the correct types of fonts and layouts to use for technical books. It's at least worth a read, if not a reference point for your own future "vanity" book!

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