Sunday, July 4, 2010 and

I guess it's just my nature that I'm constantly unhappy with the way my websites look. I'm often most satisfied with them when they're just a basic white site with a few links. My current design of features a nice HTML page with a few links, a bio and my most recent blog entries for this site but isn't much beyond that. I don't know any of the APIs for sharing content to the majority of sites I belong to (Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc) so the site has to be pretty static. Although I did manage to use Google's AJAX and Feed Wizard for the RSS feeds.

In order to get around the site being static and without turning it into another blog, I started playing with a few months ago. I think I've finally got it into a basic design that I like and it shares my Facebook Statuses, two blog posts, LinkedIn profile, Flickr photos and YouTube posts. It doesn't have my bio but I'm okay with that. It also doesn't have a way to link with Google Buzz which would be cool but it's not a deal breaker. I think I like it enough to pay for the "premium" $20 a year features which will allow me to use the domain name.

Check it out:

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