Friday, June 25, 2010

Upgrading Office Live Workspace to SkyDrive

I recently posted about Microsoft's new Office Web Apps being built into SkyDrive and how the Office Live plug-in for Word had a notice that it would soon be discontinued.

Well today I needed to get to my documents stored on Office Live Workspace (the place where the Office Live plug-in stored the documents) and low and behold I find an option to "Upgrade" my account to Windows Live SkyDrive. The upgrade, I assume, is basically a merge of all your documents form Office Live Workspaces to SkyDrive.

I had both fingers crossed hoping all my documents would make the journey and they did! The "upgrade" took about 5 minutes and merged over all of the separate categories as similarly named folders.

Note: It looks like documents need to be in the latest "x" format to be opened in Office Web Apps. The Web Apps will do this for you automatically but it could take a long time!

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