Monday, April 12, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 and Surface Released

Microsoft released two major products today: Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft today released Visual Studio 2010 which is available for purchase and/or download via MSDN. For those of us that don't have an MSDN subscription, VS2010 "Express" versions are now available here. Express versions of Visual Studio are available for Web, Windows and Windows Phone. If you're like me and just like to play around with the web versions of Visual Studio, you can download the Web Platform Installer which includes ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET MVC and VS Web Developer 2010 Express.

Microsoft also launched itsMicrosoft Surface device today. According to Microsoft's website "Microsoft Surface is a revolutionary multi-touch computer that responds to natural hand gestures and real-world objects, helping people interact with digital content in a simple and intuitive way. With a large, horizontal user interface, Surface offers a unique gathering place where multiple users can collaboratively and simultaneously interact with data and each other."

The surface can be yours for as little as $12,500 according to the order from on the Microsoft Surface's homepage. Based on the past video's demoing the product it's touch screen capabilities are simply amazing. Now where are we supposed to go if we want to test drive one before purchasing? Do you think Best Buy will get them? (Probably not).

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