Thursday, April 29, 2010

Replacing battery in Suunto Vytec Transmitter

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Over a few months I started to notice my Suunto Vytec dive computer was taking a while to sync and display my tank pressure. Some time later I was doing a surface swim out to a dive site and my computer showed FAILED for my pressure. I couldn't get it to re-sync so I was forced to call off the dive. When the Vytec powers on it does a battery check so I assumed it was the battery in the wireless transmitter.

I did a quick search on eBay for a Suunto Vytec transmitter battery kit, made the purchase and installed it. It came with a 3.0 volt lithium ion battery, silicon and a new o-ring. Replacing the battery was pretty easy.

Just remove the screws from the transmitter, pull it apart, replace the battery, replace the o-ring and seal it cleanly with the silicon and you're ready to go. From that point on my Suunto Vytec synced in less than 10 seconds instead of upwards of 20-30 seconds.

The transmitter battery kit cost less than $20 including shipping. I found mine on eBay but I'm sure a Google search will turn up a number of results.

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