Sunday, April 4, 2010

General Motors Owner Center

I was recently browsing new cars on and I came across the Chevy / GM Owner Center so I decided to take a look at it.

It's hosted by Yahoo which means you need to have a Yahoo account to sign in and since Yahoo also owns flickr I didn't have to sign up. The first thing you do is add a vehicle, which you can add based on your name or the vehicles VIN number. Once you add the vehicle you specify your vehicle mileage and your zip code for location based information.

The next time you login you are presented with a dashboard with your vehicle information, preferred dealer, mileage and estimated next oil change. You are also given a link to your vehicles owner manual. Aside from the section directly below the dashboard with accounts you can add like OnStar, GMAC information, Service Records, Offers and Recall information.

The rest of the page, aside from local gas prices search, is setup to advertise new GM promotions, vehicles, etc. that have no relevance to your ownership of a vehicle. In fact all it does is cover the page in irrelevant advertising in exchange for basic information on your vehicle and a place to manually enter your own service records. It would be nice if the service records would pull automatically from the dealership but no it doesn't.

Honestly I'm a bit disappointed with the Owner Center; aside from the Owner's Manual, local gas prices and perhaps recall information, it provides the user with no helpful information. I don't have any use for a chevy community group or another Yahoo sponsored features. I don't care to look at pictures of new vehicles and I certainly don't like that I can't customize the page. The GM Owner Center wouldn't be nearly as bad if I could customize the information I want to see. Oh well, what do you expect?

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