Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bye Bye Mesh, Hello Dropbox

The last few months I've been using both Microsoft's Live Mesh and Dropbox to synchronize my documents between my laptop, desktop and computer. It's especially handy for keeping OneNote Notebooks synchronized, which for work is where I keep all my notes. There a few things that I liked about each of the service.

• Configure each sync’d folder’s location individually – music, documents, etc.
• Remote Desktop into any “active” machines
• 5GB of Space

• Cleaner interface – Mesh had a bad habit of automatically putting shortcuts on my desktop and would try to integrate into windows explorer in a bad way
• iPhone Application – always nice
• Fast synchronization of documents – especially changes in current documents
• 2 – 2.5GB of Space
• Faster development cycle – dedication to a particular product can have its advantages

Mesh offered some really nice features like more free space (5GB) and Remote Desktop access but I didn't like the Remote Desktop interface it used and in the end Mesh had problems recognizing when I would edit a single document multiple times. Honestly that was just unacceptable. Also, while I realize it's not a lot, the added iPhone capabilities do help.

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