Friday, April 23, 2010

Bay InfoSystems, Inc. website

The most recent (and incomplete) Bay InfoSystems, Inc. website is now back online. Originally I had it hosted at 1&1 but they weren't very friendly to .NET sites so I've moved it to my Windows Home Server.

The Bay InfoSystems, Inc. website has gone through a number of changes since it debuted in 2004, unfortunately most of those sites source code has been lost / gone missing. In the company's honor I decided to put it back online; after all incomplete is better than missing!

A note about 1&1 Windows web hosting:
1&1 Internet says they do ASP.NET hosting but in order to actually host a .NET site you have to place them in the root directory of your account and then setup a redirect for the domain to find the files. That means it's not very easy to setup a .NET site or multiple .NET sites for that matter. I also didn't find it very easy to install and refer / connect to my SQL Server database because of the control panels interface. In the end I prefer control of my own private server with Windows.

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Chris Kenst said...

The Bay InfoSystems, Inc. website was taken down about a six months to a year after this blog post and after I moved it to my Home Server. I decided against renewing the domain name because the company wasn't around any longer.