Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Apple Bootcamp 3.1 update doesn’t work in Windows 7

Recently I've been searching for a new wireless mouse that I can use with my Macbook Air (MBA). I'm one of those people who prefer using a mouse with my laptop because it's faster than the touch pad and a little easier when clicking. I have a Bluetooth Microsoft Notebook mouse but it uses the only USB port on the MBA so I started using Apple's new wireless Magic Mouse.

For a Bluetooth device the Magic Mouse is pretty easy to setup, just pair it and go. For a mouse it's not ergonomically friendly; you can tell Apple went for aesthetic design over ergonomic design. Right out of the box it offers right and left click in a Windows environment, unfortunately it doesn't offer touch capabilities out of the box. This is what lead me to my next problem.

I noticed Apple had a new Bootcamp update version 3.1 which offers additional Windows 7 support and drivers for the new wireless Magic Mouse. Naturally I instructed the Apple update to download this 380MB file and install it. It downloaded and pretended to install on my MBA, even asking me to reboot, but the update wasn't applied when I checked bootcamp after the reboot. I preceded to try it again and the update wouldn't install.

I decided to go to Apple's website and download the bootcamp update manually. Note: I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate on a 32bit processor. I downloaded the 380MB file, ran it and as I watched the Windows processes through Task Manager, the installer launched, processed for a few seconds and then suddenly disappeared. Whenever I repeat nothing happens, nothing is installed. Apple's support page states the update is for Windows XP and Visa SP2, so I tried running the installer in compatibility mode to no avail.

The Apple Genius's at my local Apple Store couldn't help and were surprised that Apple wasn't offering the bootcamp update in a .dmg downloadable format so that it could be applied from the Mac side. At this point I'm not sure how to update my Windows 7 machine with Bootcamp 3.1 until Apple releases a .dmg downloadable file or adds support for applying it in Windows 7.

In the meantime I guess I'll just have to go about my business using this Magic Mouse without all it's capabilities. Despite all of Apple's success with well "designed" aka "pretty" devices, they still can't seem to get compatibility right.

Update on Sunday, April 4, 2010:

It turns out when I originally setup my Macbook Air with Windows 7 Ultimate Bootcamp 3.0 somehow managed to not install correctly. I found out when I tried to uninstall Bootcamp and it gave me an error message. Any attempts to reinstall it also failed. In the end I had to delete my Bootcamped Windows 7 partition and start all over again. Once I started with a new Windows 7 installation I upgraded to Bootcamp 3.1 without any problems.

Now I have the "full capabilities" of the magic mouse but I'm still not impressed. The scrolling feature is nice on web pages but too often I accidentally scroll when I'm in Windows which causes my icons / view to change. It's quite annoying. Plus as I said before it's not a very good ergonomic mouse.

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Anonymous said...

Personally I think BootCamp has always been done half as good as Apple does with their OSX software. Many have complained about driver issues and lack of frequent driver updates. Could it be Apple does not want Windows running real well? You have got to wonder why Apple cannot get drivers for any OS to work on their own hardware.