Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Installation of OpenWRT on a Linksys 54GL

I recently installed OpenWRT on a Linksys 54GL Wireless Router so I could setup an additional gateway behind an existing internet connection. I used the OpenWrtDocs here but since I found the instructions a little unclear, I thought I would explain them a bit:

  1. Attach a network cable and plug the router into a computer so you can use the Linksys web GUI (@
  2. Download the openwrt-wrt54g-squashfs.bin firmware image file from http://downloads.openwrt.org/kamikaze/8.09.1/brcm-2.4 folder or click here to download it directly.
  3. Save the file somewhere that's easily accessible.
  4. Using the same instructions provided on the OpenWrtDocs page open in your browser or manually browse to it.
  5. Upload the openwrt-wrt54g-squashfs.bin file
  6. Wait about 2 minutes. I think I clicked continue to reboot after about 2 minutes.
  7. You are done, now you just need to telnet to the router at
    1. Personally I like Putty for telnet but that's just me.

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voodookid said...

are already recommending PuTTY, why not go full on and use SSH?