Friday, October 9, 2009

Recovering iPhone Music Videos and Pictures

A few months ago my laptop crashed and I lost, among other things, a lot of photos. Luckily I had a ton of data on my iPhone including music, videos and of course photos of friends and family that I needed to get back to my laptop. The problem is how do you recover or transfer media from the iPhone back to the computer?

I found a torrent version of this program called CopyPod a while ago, I installed it and was able to transfer music back to my computer. It was important that I get the rest of my media off of my iPhone and it just so happened the new version of CopyPod, now called CopyTrans, had related programs that would transfer pictures and videos. I ended up downloading and paying for the suite called CopyTransSuite. It was a little expensive but it worked like a charm.

If you have the same problem I'd recommend at last trying the trial version of the software. I used the trial version of CopyTrans Photo and it worked great, it just had the watermarks on the images (because of the trial period).