Sunday, August 23, 2009

Disposable URLs

I found this cool little site called VapURL (that's pronounced Vape URL) which allows you to create shortened temporary URLs from any address you can think of. I was browsing Hacker News when I came across this article detailing the application. Short URLs have become common place thanks to but I think disposable URLs could be increasingly handy in a world where everything we do is monitored.

This is especially true if you work for a large corporation that WebSense's your internet traffic or monitors your instant message communication. Want to send something that's NSFW (not safe for work)? Well then do it with a disposable URL so no onlookers will ever notice!

Again the address is

Updated 6/14/2010:

VapURL is officially dead. Apparently the service became very popular with spammers because they could embed shortened URL's (from services like TinyURL) into the service and hide their intentions from potential victims. Eventually GoDaddy pulled the site.

Check out the news from A Broken Thought's official blog post here. Aaron says it was a good learning experience if nothing else.

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Chris Kenst said...

Lifehacker just posted about this service as well. Check out the article