Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sun's Virtual Machine VirtualBox

I downloaded and installed Sun's VirtualBox virtual machine software in my bid to test alternative virtualization software besides VMware. (Has anyone looked at Hyper-V?)

I was a little surprised during the installation when it warned me VirtualBox was going to re-configure my network connection and that I would loose internet access while this occurred. Neither VMware nor Virtual PC had to do that. I proceeded with the installation and I haven't begun using it yet but I noticed I couldn't connect to a local server for a game of Battlefield 1942. (I know battlefield is old but it's a great game!) My firewall has an open connection for the game and yet I was only able to connect to a local server by disabling the "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" adapter in Network Connections.

Has anyone else run into network problems with VirtualBox?

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