Thursday, July 23, 2009

Print Windows system information on your Desktop

For a while now I've been using a program that prints my Windows system information on my desktop. I use it on all my servers so I can quickly see what user I'm logged in as, my IP addresses, IE Version number, computer name, etc. It's very handy when you're bouncing around from system to system or have multiple RDP sessions open.

Someone just asked me today what program I use; it's called BgInfo from Sysinternals. Just download the program here, extract it, put the file somewhere permanent (I put it in C:\), then create a shortcut of BgInfo.exe and place it in your Startup folder. Now edit the shortcut and add '/timer:0' after the path in the 'Target' field so the Bginfo program doesn't popup each time you start the computer. Bginfo will now execute when your computer boots and the system information is always there!

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